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  1. Minimum instrument volume, in optical axis, to be fixed and used on conventional microscope desks
  2. Instrument can be integrated into existing Invers-Microscopy environment of renowned manufacturers as well as laboratory environments (microscope incubator)
  3. High-rate, homogenous, automatic and rapid mixing of biomedical nutrient solutions for in vitro work processes on cells.
  4. Currently available for OLYMPUS IX71 an IX81, Nikon Eclipse Ti-E and TE2000, Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1, Leica SP5 (in preparation)


  1. Operating unit with display for manual control
  2. PC-based automatic time and event control (24h/7) of the system in combination with corresponding software
  3. Adjustable parameters time and dosage of the time-controlled nutrient- rinsing and suction process
  4. Long-term tests with live cells can be executed (24h/7) over a long period of time
  5. Research and investigation results can be documented by means of individual and multiple images, time controlled images and video editing*
  6. Tool for individual and multiple images, time-controlled images and video editing post-processing and image analyses (upon request)

additional functions

  1. Protective foil perforating mechanism, thus microtiter plates with 96 and 384 wells can be used either with or without protective foil
  2. Compressor - For operating the PCC, a 5 bar pressure supply is needed. Usually this pressure supply is a N- or CO2-gas bottle or a compressed air installation in the laboratory. For situations without any of these pressure supplies, an optional air compressor is available. The compressor is really silent (38dB A) and has an activated carbon filter for best purified compressed air quality. 
  3. Pick'n'Place - An optional peristaltic pump module is available, making it possible to pick up a defined amount of liquid from one well and dispense this liquid into a different well.


*requires corresponding microscope


PROcellcare data-sheet