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The treatment of cells and cell cultures, however, is one of the most complex and time-consuming work processes in a Live-Sciences-laboratory. The testing of active agents in, and on cell culture systems as well as the effects caused on the cells over a certain period of time is becoming more and more important. Small and medium numbers of tests, cells are generally handled und feed manually. The methods, however, how cells are treated and cultivated in the laboratory have barely changed over the last 20 years.

With this new PROcellcare ® system it will now be possible to execute tasks on live cells in High-Throughput-Rates. This automatic cell feeding system allows the automated cell culture, the exchange of nutrient and working solutions, image and video analyses for basic works, such as the exchange of nutrient and working solution media, as well as for long-term tests (24h/7).

Microtiter plate-based High-Throughput-Screening-Systems of live cells under the microscope are combined with a nutrient - rinsing and suction system, which will reduce today’s pipetting, handling and control processes to a minimum volume.

PROcellcare® stands for a system, which supplies live cells (in vitro) under the microscope in the optical axis with biological nutrient and working solutions thus allowing the scientist/developer to execute efficient and automatic dispensing and controlling processes of the equipment (microscope and incubator). This instrument is presently being applied within different market segments covering the fields of research and development in molecular biotechnology (Live Cell Imaging). The system allows the supervision of the cells over a specific period of time (images and video analyses of cell reactions).

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